Digital Dye-Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation printing.

When you think of digital dye-sublimation printing, products such as T-shirts, mouse pads, mugs, and ceramic tiles might come to mind. These days, however, sublimation printing is taking on a new, bigger meaning as it explodes onto large-format fabric applications. Whether you are sitting at a blackjack table in Vegas, attending a performance in a theater, perusing the cosmetic counter at Macy’s, or walking through a museum exhibit, if you stop to take a look around, you may notice that the graphics surrounding you or decorating the table in front of you are fabrics printed with dye-sublimation technology.

Wide-format dye-sub printing opens up a world of opportunities for your designs and allows us to offer unique, light-weight graphics solutions for events, trade shows,  home-décor applications, sports-arena displays, and more. As the applications and markets for fabric printing continue to grow, it allows us to expand our fabric offerings to complement our existing screen-printing and/or digital imaging products. Now let’s take a closer look at how digital sublimation technology works.

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 What is dye sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing is a process that uses specific sublimation inks that, when heat activated, transform their dyes into a gaseous state that penetrates the fibers of polyester materials, infusing or embedding an image into the fabric. There are two types of sublimation printing: printing onto a transfer paper or carrier sheet and then transferring the image to fabric under heat and pressure, and printing sublimation images directly onto fabric.

About Custom Dye Sublimation VOIDS

The images above are detail photos of the sleeve hem.  This is where the sleeve is sewn on to the body of the shirt.  If you look at the shoulder of the shirt you are wearing right now you will see this.

Two different pieces of fabric are stitched together here and the stitching results in a gap. That slight gap (white line in this photo) occurs where the dyes were not able to penetrate the fabric. We have stretched this sample out to exaggerate the print void because I want you to pay the special note for this.  It will occur on your shirt.

 Each shirt will have a look of its own, although the art can be adjusted to reduce these types or circumstances but still will not completely remove all Voids. The only way is a Custom Cut and Sew where all panels of the Shirt are imprinted individually and sewn back together for a perfect all over T-Shirt print.

 For Over 15 Years Custom Identity Apparel has been turning out Thousands and Thousands of Custom Dye Sublimated Apparel and Non -Apparel items either via our in-house cut and sew, or Pre-made products. Such as Custom Pillows and Pillowcases, Custom Arm Sleeves, Vintage metal and wood photo boards, to mention a few.

 So now you see why we are the go-to for all your Custom Dye Sublimation.

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